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Los Angeles is home of the original tiki bar, created by “Don the Beachcomber.” My dad, “Jon the Lush,” (his name, not mine) spent many happy nights there, "sailing off to oblivion." My childhood house was the only one in the area with an actual basement, and Dad filled it with an incredible collection of tiki mugs, tropical liquors, tiki sculptures, ashtrays, and other memorabilia. (You can see all of it in the Tanked Tiki’s own Mermaid’s Cove Room.)

When Dad passed I inherited not just his memorabilia, but also a deep love and respect for tiki bar traditions. I spent most of my 20s hanging out at the world’s best tiki bars, including Trader Vic’s (Emeryville, CA), Otto’s Shrunken Head (NYC), Tahiti Cocktail Bar (Barcelona) and Dirty Dick (Paris). In 2006, I finally saved up enough clams to bring you the Tanked Tiki.

Set your course for oblivion -- we'll see you at the Tanked Tiki!

Mahalo, Jon Jr.

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